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It’s NOT VPN, It’s AlwaysHome

Still hopping from one VPN to another. No MORE. Use AlwaysHome to access in-home network and enjoy unrestricted internet access and long missed streaming services like Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Video/HBO anywhere in the world.

A portable router

AlwaysHome is a portable router (dongle) that supports all your Wi-Fi devices and connect them to your home internet or open internet, at blazing fast speed.

An App

AlwaysHome Mobile is such an App that enables your mobile devices to connect to home network or open internet directly. It runs on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows (upcoming). It even runs on your Streaming Box like Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire Stick or Mi Box (international version) and Smart TV.

It's an innovative remote access solution

What’s unique about AlwaysHome is that it allows your devices to access your home network and keep subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, HBO, Xfinity, FiOS Stream, etc, even you are five thousand miles away from home. The keyword here is “home proxy”. It’s like having your own VPN server right at your home and have unrestricted access to any content that is available to home.

Again, unlike VPN, AlwaysHome is from your home and dedicated to you.

What is more special about AlwaysHome?

It is 3-10 times faster. YouTube in 1080P, no problem.

With built in WAN Optimization technology, AlwaysHome runs much faster over long distance network.

It is plug and play. Setup takes less than 10 seconds.

Specially designed for non-techies, AlwaysHome dongle is plug & play and normally can be setup in seconds. AlwaysHome App is even simplier, only needs login and one click to get connected.

Choose the right solution

Connect Home

Setup a dongleat home country home and have accelerated access to streaming services and in-home network from even five thousand miles away. Ideal for streaming lovers and expat families.

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Faster Internet

Fast access to productivity tools like Google, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook etc anywhere in the world, by leveraging our cloud servers that are closer to those services.

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Connect Office

Ideal for small businesses without technical staff, this solution easily enable mobile work forces to access in-office file servers, CRM and ERP systems etc.

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