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Remote access your streaming subscriptions or home network from anywhere in the world, at super fast speed, on any of your devices!
What Is AlwaysHome

Alwayshome is the ideal solution for expats, international travelers, cord cutters and digital normads to access their streaming subscriptions or content from anywhere in the world. It works for virtually all streaming services and virtually all devices such as smart phone, computer, Fire Stick/TV, XBox, Play Station, Apple TV, streaming boxes and even some Smart TVs.

Keep connected anywhere you go!

Login AlwaysHome
Login AlwaysHome
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Easy Steps, Easy Go!

AlwaysHome App

If you travel light or prefer to do everything on computer/phone/ipad, AlwaysHome App is all you need. Simply download and install the app on your mobile device, create an account, and subscribe to the service. Once connected, you can enjoy unrestricted access to your favorite streaming content just like at home, no matter where you are in the world. Say goodbye to geographical restrictions and hello to seamless, uninterrupted streaming with AlwaysHome.

1.Sign Up
Sign up and get account information in email
Download App, run the App and get connected
Open your favorite streaming app and enjoy!

AlwaysHome Wi-Fi Hotspot

With the AlwaysHome Wi-Fi hotspot, there's no need for complicated configurations as it operates on a plug-and-play basis. Upon connection, the device automatically functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot with the login credentials, including name and password, conveniently written on the device's back. The AlwaysHome Wi-Fi hotspot is an ideal solution for individuals who may not have the option or desire to install apps on their mobile devices. The device effortlessly connects all Wi-Fi-enabled devices, including Apple TV, Roku Box, Play Station, Xbox, phones, and computers, to streaming services or home networks. *. The AlwaysHome Wi-Fi hotspot needs a separate subscription to function.

1.Plug & Connect
Connect the AlwaysHome hotspot to a USB power, then to home router’s LAN port using network cable.
Connect your mobile devices to AlwaysHome Wi-Fi hotspot using the name and password printed on the back of the hotspot and then open the streaming Apps on your device(s).
It's not VPN, it's AlwaysHome
Fundamental difference between VPN and AlwaysHome is that AlwaysHome is using residential networks that distributed all over the world while VPNs are normally using data center based network that can be easily identified and blocked.
VPN normally runs through a data center server Data center based VPN service
Data center based VPN service
AlwaysHome runs through a home network Residential network based AlwaysHome service
Residential network based AlwaysHome service

For people used or heard about VPN in the past, AlwaysHome runs different software stack and protocols that can connect to a residential place, rather than a data center server that VPNs or Smart DNS connect to. AlwaysHome users actually have a residential IP address when they access any websites. On the other hand, data center based VPNs are normally using IP addresses that allocated to businesses which makes them easier to be identified. You can google around “Why Do Some Websites Block VPNs?“ for more background information on why and how VPNs can get blocked by streaming sites.

Compare with VPN and Smart DNS
Our Technology

When accessing streaming services from far away, AlwaysHome is 3-10 times faster than normal VPN and enables you to watch videos in full HD quality. We implemented serveral advanced technology within it.


Long-Fi™️ is Homing Systems proprietary technology. Which enables your remote devices connect to your home/office network or any internet service directly. However far you are alway from home, it works just like you're at home physically. It is secure, reliable and extremely fast!


Ultra-Sharing™️ is another Homing Systems proprietary technology. Which allows the volunteers to contribute their IT resources and share the profit. With Ultra-Sharing™️, Always Home built these shared IT resources into a reliable, un-blockable service cloud. Without knowing any technical terms(eg. servers, IP, etc.), you can just easily access to your favourite subscription services as if you are physically sitting in your friend's living room.

Faster Speed Supports HD

Streaming requires fast network speed which is hard to come by from remote places. With built-in network acceleration technology, AlwaysHome achieves 3-10 times faster speed when accessing content from far place.

*. Use AlwaysHome in China
*. Speed test from US to Egypt

Enjoy the Extremely Fast Speed!

The 30-day money-back guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with AlwaysHome, simply let us know within 30 days and we'll refund full amount of your payment (Note: if there is a hardware, it needs to be returned in original form).

Try AlwaysHome App Risk-Free
30-day money-back
Subscription of AlwaysHome APP
3 Years Subscription
7.99 / Month
$2.95 / Month
Billed $295.63 $109.00 for 3 years + 1 month.
30-day money-back guarantee. This software subscription expires after 3 Years and is not automatically renewed.
30 days Subscription
7.99 / Month
$5.99 / Month
Billed $7.99 $5.99 for 30 days subscription.
30-day money-back guarantee. This software subscription expires after 30 days and is not automatically renewed.
1 Year Subscription
7.99 / Month
$4.17 / Month
Billed $95.88 $49.99 for 1 Year subscription.
30-day money-back guarantee. This software subscription expires after 12 months and is not automatically renewed.
Subscription With AlwaysHome Hotspot
AlwaysHome Wi-Fi and 3-Year Sub.
$39 / Each AlwaysHome Wi-Fi Hotspot
/ Month sub.
Billed $159 for one Wi-Fi hotspot and 3 years subscription. 30-day money-back guarantee. This subscription for the built-in software expires after 3 Years and is not automatically renewed.
One Wi-Fi hotspot.
3 years service subscription.
AlwaysHome Hotspot with 30 days Sub.
$49 / One Wi-Fi hotspot
$7.99 / Month sub.
Billed $56.99 for one dongle and 30 days subscription. 30-day money-back guarantee. This subscription for the built-in software expires after 30 days and is not automatically renewed.
One hotspot device.
30 days software subscription.
AlwaysHome Hotspot with 1 Year Sub.
$39 / One Wi-Fi Hotspot
$5 / Month sub.

Billed $99.00 for one Wi-Fi hotspot device with 1 year subscription. 30-day money-back guarantee. This subscription for the built-in software expires after 12 months and is not automatically renewed.
One hotspot device.
1 year software subscription.
One More Thing: Add Your Own Home Proxy

With AlwaysHome, you can easily set up a home proxy at your own home and access home network devices such as IP camera, computer, printer, etc from anywhere you go. There are great benefits of having your own home proxy.

And we encourage you to setup your own home proxy.

Dedicated network
Use your own home network from remote and enjoy dedicated bandwidth that is not shared with others.
Access in-home devices
Access in-home devices like computer, printer, speaker, IP camera from out of home, in addition to streaming services only available at your home.
Participate sharing program
Join the global sharing community and earn cash to help to pay home Internet bill, by sharing your home internet bandwidth.

Get your own home proxy device for just $29.00 and install it at home

Join the Sharing Economy
Share home proxy and earn cash!
We are rolling out a trial program that you can share your home proxy to be used by other users. If you have a relatively good network in the US or UK (other countries will come later) and would like to help others to enjoy AlwaysHome service, please contact us at You can use your existing home proxy or use a device like Fire Stick as the home proxy and share it. This sharing will be a big help for those who don't know how to set up a home proxy. We'd like to offer a minimum $5 per month for your sharing. The reward may be higher depends on how the trial program go. All you need to do is to bring up the home proxy device and get it connected to a network. The Ultra-Sharing™️ technology will minimize the impact on your home network, in fact, you probably won't notice it at all. And it will also ensure your local network is secure. Of course you can pause, stop or cancel the sharing at anytime.
For Convenience
You can add some hardware flavor
It is plug and play, easily installed
Specially designed for non-techies, AlwaysHome Wi-Fi hotspot is plug & play and normally can be setup in seconds. If you don't want to install AlwaysHome App into your own devices, the AlwaysHome hotspot could be an alternative. And of course you can use both way for convenience.
At home, plug to home router directly.
Plug it to home router, and connect your devices to hotspot's Wi-Fi.
Or connect to Wi-Fi at hotel, coffee shop, etc.
Connect your hotspot to network at hotel, coffee shop, etc. And then connect your devices to hotspot using Wi-Fi.
AlwaysHome Dongle
Dongle for Homeproxy
Billed $29.00 for one AlwaysHome dedicated to be your own home proxy. It could be also used to join the sharing program.
One AlwaysHome device.
Referral Program
Like the service, refer your friends

If you like our service, here is the good news for you. If you tell a friend about our amazing service, you will get an additional 14 days/credits when they register! You can use the free days (credits) for yourself or send them to anyone. So, if you know someone who loves a certain TV-show but can’t access their favorite streaming service due to Internet restrictions – help them out by sending them your exclusive referral link which leads to the free trial registration page. You can also just click the “share” button in AlwaysHome Mobile APP to do the sharing. If possible, edit the text as you wish. But remember to keep the link and your referral code.

Best of all – your friend will receive 7 days completely free to try the service out, with zero commitment. Without your referral, your friend can only get up to 3 days free trial even if they manage to discover our service. So, your link and referral code is very important.

And more, - for every friend that registers, you will get another 14 days of free usage. And it gets even better from there. If they sign up to one of our paid subscription plans after their free trial period, you get an extra 30 free days! :)

Referr Your Friends
1.Click the share button
2.Click 'Tell A Friend'
3.Share it
Affiliate Program
Like to play a role, join our affiliate program
We have a simple, but great affiliate program. So you can generate new revenue while helping the people among the world to access their favorite streaming service wherever they travled. If you have a blog or an active community, or you want to monetize your audience, or you are seeking higher payouts. Our affiliate program is perfect for you.

You can enjoy 20% commission on all sales brought by you, including first sale and renew.
FYI: A typical first sale ranges from 1xx to 2xx dollars including hardware.
Join the Program