It’s AlwaysHome

Use AlwaysHome to enable remote access to your in-home or office network and enjoy unrestricted access to devices like an IP camera, printer and services like video streaming anywhere in the world.
About us
What is AlwaysHome?

AlwaysHome is the best solution for easy, secure and faster access of your in-home network/devices. Easily access your subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Xifinity all the you are living or traveling, however far you are away from home. Turn your home internet devices (phones, laptops, streaming boxes) into a network proxy with AlwaysHome software and surf up to 10 times faster than you can with a normal VPN.

Our Technology
What do we have to offer?
Portable Router
AlwaysHome is a portable router (dongle) that supports all your Wi-Fi devices and connects them to your home internet or any open internet service, at blazing fast speed.
Mobile App
AlwaysHome Mobile App enables your mobile devices to connect to your home/office network or any open internet service directly. It runs on Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.
Remote access solution
The keyword here is “home/office proxy”. It’s like having your own VPN server right at your home/office and gives unrestricted access to any content that is available to you at your home/ office.
Our Service
How does it work?
Step 1. Connect Dongle in your home
Connect home dongle to your home router at your home.
Step 2: Connect your mobile devices
SOLO Users: connect your mobile to Wi-Fi or Data in any country and log in AlwaysHome Mobile App to connect.
DUO+ Users: In addition to mobile App, you can connect a dongle to the local Internet in any country and then connect multiple Wi-Fi devices (such as Apple TV) to the dongle, without using App.
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Our Product
Why is it your right choice?
It is plug and play, easily installed
Specially designed for non-techies, AlwaysHome dongle is plug & play and normally can be setup in seconds. AlwaysHome App is even more simple. It only needs a login and one click to get connected.
It is up to 10 times faster. YouTube in 1080P, no problem.
With built-in network acceleration technology, AlwaysHome significantly speeds up remote access of home network or streaming content.
Customizable for advanced users.
Through our web management portal, you can manage multiple devices and App accounts and their configurations. Ideal for advanced users and small businesses.
Use cases
Real customer experience
Our Prices
Choose your right solution
Access home/office network and home/office streaming content on your mobile devices , anywhere in the world.
One dongle device.
One year subscription service for App account.
Access homei/office network and home/office streaming content on your mobile devices and any devices such as Apple tv anywhere in the world.
Two dongle device (one at home, one to travel).
One year subscription service cover App account.
One year subscription service cover the travel dongle
Support multiple devices at the same time, including Apple TV.
customize the number of dongles and subscription licenses according to your needs.