The Space Shifting Revolution

    Introducing the first portable router that empowers you to seamlessly access your home network and country content while traveling, at a much faster speed​s.

    AlwaysHome is a breakthrough “space shifting” technology that gives the user the same Internet experience from home, anywhere the world.  

What is Space Shifting? 

Imagine being able to travel to the most remote reaches of planet Earth and still browse the Internet like you’re sitting in your home or office with blazing fast speeds.

• Access your home or business network with blazing fast speed – your server, PC desktop, printers, etc.

• Retain access to your content subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.

• With AlwaysHome Duo, you’re literally browsing the Internet from your home or office router via a lightning fast connection

•  It does everything you’d hope for from a VPN, but faster and easier.  AlwaysHome is 3-10x faster than a VPN. 

Who Should Use AlwaysHome? 

Which AlwaysHome model is best for you? 

Please note: it is a common misconception that a Duo equals to two Solo. It is not. Duo has two dongles working in pairs while Solo is one dongle working with our servers.

AlwaysHome Benefits


No matter where you are in the world, AlwaysHome delivers a consistent internet surfing experience. When you visit any website or access online content, you get all the same benefits and access rights that you enjoy from your home. AlwaysHome uses the IP address of your own home network in your home country and can overcome the proxy detection mechanism employed by some streaming content sites.


When you use the AlwaysHome dongle, you can “space shift” (access remotely) into any target network as if you were physically there. This is very useful for small businesses that do not have global corporate networks, allowing them to seamlessly support remote and traveling employees wherever they are.


AlwaysHome uses a type of WAN optimization technology that has traditionally been the domain of large enterprises, achieving an average of 3 to 10 times network acceleration. This enables HD streaming with no jitters and fast downloads/uploads of large files even when traveling out of your country.


 The AlwaysHome dongle is powered from a standard USB port which is common on most computers and devices. So it is very light and portable, and can be used anywhere without the need for an additional power source. Itself can also connect to Internet through network cable or Wi-Fi network.


To get started, all you have to do is plug in the dongle into your home router, this can be done in 10 seconds. There is no need to configure the IP of a VPN Gateway. All setup takes place behind the scenes in the cloud. The user experience is just simply plug and play.Content 5


The AlwaysHome dongle acts as a wireless access point that supports all the devices you own including AppleTV, Chromecast and Xbox.


AlwaysHome provides a secure tunnel between the dongle and AlwaysHome servers in your home country, which overlays the public Wi-Fi network. So you can use it for added security in a public Wi-Fi hotspot, without concern that your private information could be snooped at coffee shops, hotels and restaurants.


Here’s what our customers have to say about AlwaysHome:

“This is a magical tiny piece of hardware that looks like a thumb drive with an Ethernet port which solves a serious geo restriction problem I always face when I travel…”

—Abdullah, Senior IT consultant

“The little device works really well, the setup was extremely easy, I plugged it into the back of my main Apple base station and it was off and away.”

—Xan in Beijing

“…The key difference I enjoy with AlwaysHome is the fact that it is not affected by DNS poisoning and therefore is extremely reliable. I also noticed that download speeds are much faster than my current VPN.”

—Christopher, Electrical Parts Supplier

“…Most important, it worked all the time and did not get shut down or blocked all the time like paid VPN. It saved me much time and frustration surfing the net in the evening. “

—Steffi, Banking Risk Management

Your device is fantastic, it’s been a very pleasant surprise. My family agrees that this vpn is by far the best we have used. I will recommend this VPN to all my friends. It’s fast and reliable.

—Trina, English Teacher

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